Frequently asked questions

How do I get in?
The entrance is off Nevill Avenue, BN3 7NB. There's a map on the directions page. Note there is no entrance via Eridge Road this year

Where can I park?
There is no parking on site. If you do decide to drive to the display, please allow plenty of time and don't expect to park next to the display site. We suggest you allow for a ten minute walk, and avoid driving down Nevill Avenue as it can get very congested. Please park considerately and don't park on grass verges or across our neighbours' drives.

How else can I get there?
We are well served by local bus routes. The 5B passes the entrance and the 5, 5A, and 47 all stop within easy walking distance. See for more information.

Will there be food and drink available?
There will be a range of food stalls on site from hot dogs and burger to fish & chips and Thai. There will also be a licensed bar in the clubhouse at the top of the site.

Is the site easily accessible for wheechairs and buggies?
The site is generally flat, with good access. There is a slight incline just inside the entrance which doesn't normally cause any problems but please ask the gate staff for help if you need it.

Is there a disabled viewing area?
No, but don't let this put you off. The site is very accessible and there is plenty of space for everyone. You don't need to be at the front to get a good view.

Are there disabled concessions?
If you have a disability, and book your ticket via our friends at Stay Up Late, your personal assistant can get in free. More details here:

Is there any seating?
No, the site is open playing fields.

Can I bring folding chairs?
Yes, but please keep to the back half of the site to avoid the most crowded areas.

Do under 18s need to be accompanied by an adult?
The event is suitable for all ages, and we don't insist on under 18s being accompanied but we do expect them to behave sensibly the same as everyone else.

Can I bring my dog?
We don't recommend it as most dogs will be much happier away from the fireworks, however a number of people have brought dogs in the past without any problems. If you are confident that your dog copes well with crowds and fireworks then we won't stop you bringing it, but please ensure that it is kept on a lead at all times.

Can we use sparklers at the display?
Sorry, but we do not allow people to use sparklers or any other fireworks at the display. Apart from the obvious safety issues of fireworks in crowded places, we have had real problems with sparkler wires being left on the football pitches. Please save them for when you get home.

Will the display go ahead if it's raining?
Yes. All the fireworks are waterproofed when they are set up and we can cope with all but the very worst weather.

What if it's windy?
We are lucky to have a site that is large enough for us to safely put on a firework display in quite strong winds. Anything short of a hurricane and we should be OK.

What if you do have to cancel for some reason?
In this unlikely event we'll let people know via Twitter and the web site. Information about alternative dates and refunds will be published on the web site and our social media.

What is your ticket refund policy?
Tickets are not refundable. The only exceptions are if the display is substantially delayed and you leave before the start, or if it has to be cancelled or rescheduled. Full details are in the booking conditions

Is this still the Family Firework Spectacular? Why the name change?
It's the same spectacular display, run by the same team. Nothing has changed apart from the name. When we started in 2007 we wanted to make it a really family friendly event, easily accessible, not too late, and run on time. We've done that, but we've had repeated feedback that people who haven't seen the show think that it's just a kids show which really doesn't do it justice. Lots of people were calling it The Nevill Fireworks anyway so we decided to run with that name. We hope you like it!